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Creating a Cozy November: Hygge-Inspired Social Media Content Calendar

Updated: Jun 2

Breakfast at the Campsite in the Fall/Autumn

Social Media Calendar for Hygge-Related Days in November

Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming Holidays? We can't wait to spend quality time with family for Thanksgiving, sipping on apple cider and indulging in gingerbread cookies (or perhaps even building gingerbread houses!)We'll also take advantage of the crisp autumn weather for outdoor activities. As we gear up for Thanksgiving and the upcoming Holidays, we're excited to celebrate some unique and exciting days this month, including Apple Cider Day, National Camp Day, National Gingerbread Cookie Day, National Hiking Day, Recreation Day, World Kindness Day, Zero Tasking Day, and more!

In addition, November marks National Fun With Fondue Month, National Pomegranate Month, National Book Week, National Tree Week, and International Games Week. There are so many opportunities to embrace coziness this month. Scroll down to see the complete list for November.


Are you looking for a list of upcoming hygge-related national and international holidays? You're in the right place! We understand how challenging it can be to find these holidays, so we've created a monthly social media calendar to help. Our calendar is filled with hygge-related national and international days, weeks, and months that you can share on your social media profiles.

What is Hygge?

Are you curious about Hygge? Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish cultural concept and value that's all about warmth, happiness, coziness, and togetherness. It's something people intentionally make time for in their everyday lives. To delve deeper into this beautiful concept, check out our blog post, 'What is Hygge?'

What is a Social Media Calendar?

Are you wondering how to make the most of a social media calendar? It's a powerful tool that helps you plan and organize your posts, including those related to national and international days, weeks, and months. By strategically using these holidays, you can attract new views and followers to your social media posts. For instance, you could add hashtags like #NationalFrenchToastDay to increase your post's visibility.

If you are looking for national and international holidays related to hygge to share on social media, here is the list for November:

Did we miss any hygge-related national or international days, weeks, or months in November? Please let us know, and we will update the social media calendar.



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