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Unleashing Your Summer Style: Embracing the Indigo Shibori Trend

Updated: May 28

Blue and white, the classic summer colors, are taking a unique twist this season with the rise of Indigo Shibori. This trend has been making waves in home decor and fashion with its distinct patterns and shades. You might have spotted it in local boutiques, furniture stores, magazines, or even on the web.

Image of several blue and white fabrics hanging on the outdoor laundry wire.

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What is shibori?

According to Japan Objects, the Japanese term "shibori" means to wring or squeeze. Their article, "5 Things You Should Know about Japanese Indigo Dyeing," explained how the shibori originated, the difference between regular tie-dye and shibori, and its techniques.

"The tie-dye we know from the 1960s generally uses one more straightforward technique of twisting and tying the middle of the shirt to create a psychedelic spiral design. Finally, while tie-dye tends to draw from the entire rainbow color spectrum, more often than not, the shibori dye is only one color." - Japan Objects

Are you eager to try your hand at creating Shibori projects? HonestlyWTF has a comprehensive DIY tutorial for crafting your indigo shibori project at home. This tutorial walks you through patterns, including Itajime, Arashi, and Kumo, making it accessible for all DIY enthusiasts.

Too busy for DIY Projects?

Do not worry; I have you covered! Here is what I found on Amazon:

Image of collage of Coastal Hygge's Picks from Amazon Inspired by Indigo Shibori Trend

Are you in the mood to do some Pinterest?

Check out Coastal Hygge's "Indigo Shibori" pinboard for more ideas.



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